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About Us

I Mori di Sicilia is a newly established company that works in tourism and the internationalization of Sicilian products.

Our mission is to make Sicily, a land of great wealth in culture, known nationally and internationally.

I Mori di Sicilia - a two holiday home located in Palermo - gives the opportunity to travelers from all over the world to visit this wonderful city and experience it from an absolutely strategic point: the very heart of Palermo, and Sicily itself.

I Mori di Sicilia is also a "brand", which aims, thanks to its vast assortment, to meet every customer's needs.

The products are made with local material, and crafted by Palermitan artisans, whose ancient knowledge is a fundamental element in the creation of our brand.  

Uniqueness and exclusivity are characteristics of our products, decorated and finished entirely by hand.


Therefore each product differs from the other, as a guarantee of originality and craftsmanship of the product.

Our focus is continuous customer satisfaction, and that is achieved by meeting the customer's needs.


Needs that must be interpreted, understood and above all realized thanks to the availability, flexibility and great passion of our skilled Sicilian craftsmen.

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